Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Evaluation & Treatment

If your child is struggling to attain functional speech, AAC may be the right intervention.

AAC systems support and enable communication—allowing many people, who have limited speech, to accurately and consistently express themselves through other modes.

AAC systems can be used for anyone who is minimally verbal, regardless of age.  

Paul is an AAC specialist and certified assistive technology professional. With extensive knowledge of low-tech and high-tech systems, Paul will complete a comprehensive AAC evaluation, determine the right AAC system for your child, and write a full report. Paul will complete the necessary documentation required to obtain funding for AAC devices from insurance companies.

In order to determine the appropriate AAC tools and strategies, a detailed comparison of all options is necessary. The AAC evaluation examines the child’s:

  • linguistic skills;
  • social language skills,
  • settings (where does the child spend his or her time);
  • communication partners;
  • operational skills (such as discrimination and fine motor ability); and
  • communication goals.

In addition, Paul provides additional, ongoing support including:

  • Constructing low-tech devices;
  • Programming high-tech devices;
  • Providing training on the AAC system for parents, caregivers, and other service providers; and
  • Ongoing consultation for implementation and troubleshooting.

AAC is a complex subject and requires expert attention. Please contact Paul with your questions.