Welcome by Paul Simeone

Welcome by Paul Simeone

When I was first introduced to the field of speech-language pathology, I was on a completely different career path. While working as an addictions counselor in NYC, I met a young man in one of my counseling groups who stuttered. With tangible agony, he described his daily experience of anxiety and pain that resulted from his communication difficulties.

I recall wishing that I could help him but feeling woefully inadequate. I could address his feelings and how he responded to them, but little else.

So began my interest in, and journey toward, speech-language pathology.

Since entering the field, I have worked with people of all ages: children ages birth-5, school-age children and teenagers, and adults. 

Over time, I determined what I want my contribution to be—working with children with complex communication needs and helping families and organizations support their language development.

With families, I help to identify the child’s specific needs and train family members how to communicate in a way that promotes language development. This also includes working with school-based providers and identifying, programming, and teaching all communication partners how to use AAC (alternative and augmentative communication) tools if necessary.

With organizations, I work collaboratively with staff members to pinpoint ways to increase accessibility to individuals with complex communication needs. Specifically, we focus on two areas: staff education and environmental modification.

I am eager to consult with your family or organization. Just as each child has his/her own distinct needs so, too, does every family and organization. We cannot treat an individual without taking into account all contexts and communication partners.

I look forward to working with you. Please contact me to schedule a free consultation.


Paul Simeone, MA, CCC-SLP, ATP