Speech & Language Evaluation

When a child presents with a speech and language delay, it is important to begin treatment as early as possible.

To assist families, Paul provides comprehensive assistance to help parents understand and address their child's needs at every stage.

Paul provides the following to support to families:

  • In-home observation of the child and review of the child’s history with parents/caregivers
  • In-school observation of the child
  • Standardized comprehensive speech and language evaluation
  • Advocacy 

The comprehensive speech and language evaluation will contain the following components:

  1. Thorough record review and history
  2. Observation reports
  3. Standardized assessment of the following (if applicable): receptive and expressive language, phonology and articulation, motor speech production, pragmatics, and phonological processing
  4. Interpretation of test data
  5. Clinical Impressions & Diagnostics
  6. Recommendations

To start the process or receive more information, please email Paul.