Evaluation, Treatment & Consultation

In order for language learners to progress in a meaningful way across all settings, therapy cannot be confined to the clinic or office.

Language services must be delivered by all communication partners throughout the day.

This begins with the family.

Paul provides the following services to help families foster a language-rich environment at home:

  • Conduct formal speech and language evaluations using standardized tools
  • Develop an evidence-based treatment plan
  • Provide direct services within the home
  • Coach and train the family to provide ongoing language-based interventions
  • Assist the family to modify home environment to meet the child's language needs
  • Conduct AAC evaluation
  • Consult with additional service providers as needed

I contacted Paul when I was having some concerns regarding my daughter’s language acquisition. From the time of our initial conversation, I felt very comfortable with him and had no doubt that he was extremely knowledgeable in his field. Paul spent the next few weeks working with my daughter and myself in order to develop her speech and language skills. My daughter warmed up to him quickly, and he was easily able to engage her. His family-centered approach is effective, practical and easily became a part of our daily routine. I truly feel as though Paul gave me the tools I needed to help my daughter to grow and develop her language skills. My husband and I couldn’t be happier with the progress my daughter has demonstrated since our time working with Paul.
— C.R., Duxbury, MA

It Takes Two to Talk® Training

It Takes Two to Talk® is a training program for caregivers of children (birth to 5) with language delays.

The efficacy of the program results from the following:

  • Children don't perceive the interventions as "therapy"—to them, it's play!
  • Treatment is generalized in a variety of contexts.

Paul is a certified It Takes Two to Talk® trainer.

By working with individual families and groups of families on a short-term basis, Paul will teach parents to transform everyday activities into opportunities for language growth.

It Takes Two to Talk ® Training | PAUL SIMEONE Speech & Language Consultant

It Takes Two to Talk® Training | PAUL SIMEONE Speech & Language Consultant

It Takes Two to Talk® — The Hanen Program® for Parents of Children with Language Delays