The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) ensures equal access for persons with disabilities in public settings. 

In the field of speech-language pathology, modifying the environment to meet the needs of the learner is not a new strategy.

With regard to community access, however, the focus has traditionally been on equipping the person with complex communication needs with the ability to access public spaces.

The onus to adapt should not be solely on the person with communication needs—organizations can bridge the gap by augmenting the environment with visuals and assistive technology.

When consulting with organizations, Paul focuses on two (2) target areas that promote equal opportunity for individuals with communication disabilities:

1. Environmental Modifications: Paul will help an organization or business adapt its physical and cultural environment.

2. Training: Paul will educate employees about the needs of individuals with communication barriers and how to best communicate in order to increase access.

Paul will collaborate with an organization's personnel to identify target areas. By working together, organizations will ensure greater accessibility to individuals with barriers to communication.

To discuss how to make your organization more accessible, contact Paul to schedule a a free phone consultation.